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Thread: Stopping MP3 format

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    Post Stopping MP3 format

    Well, its a story we'ev all heard about in recent history (since the downfall of Napster.) But this time, MSN is displaying the article (which means its almost old news.) Heres an article I saw on their webpage that talks about scrambling CDs to where they can not be played in computers. Enjoy

    MSN Article on Scrambled CDs
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    This is just as stupid idea. Within a week manufacturers will be selling CDROM drives that can defeat this encryption. And even if they don't, users can just rip analogue...
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    Check out this thread dealing with sajme topic. Also a link t a better article about the encryption technology.


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    i liked Sony's idea on dealing with the issue. Play a tune high enough to blow the speakers. I saw that somewhere. Anyways, i know there was a group out there that has cracked one of the methods. im not going to worry about companies doing this because there will always be a way around it. just take a look at dvd's. they were supposed to be impossible to copy, yet it only took 2 line of code to do it!
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    I think anyone/company with the idea of any storage media being "100% hacker proof" is living in their own little fantasy land.

    These things are made to be broken....
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    lol....when will they ever learn...They are just giving hacker more fun stuff to do. First off anything made by humans is not perfect, thus can be hacked.
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    The scrambled cd is already hacked.
    A 'local' company wrote some kind of program which is able to read the cd in a cd-rom drive..

    They mentioned the following:

    As a person pays like $20 for the cd, but he isn't able to listen it on the computer..
    So they wrote a program.. (i'll see if i can dig it up) which is able to read the cd in the cd-rom drive....
    It's just a piece of software by MacroVision guys... Every thing they have made so far is hacked, and will be in the future

    * the cd I'm talking about was Volumnia! - Puur a dutch one.
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