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Thread: I got it working!!! (Long-winded post...)

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    Post I got it working!!! (Long-winded post...)

    The good earth stood still, the heavens shone and grown men wept as the angels sang... Well, actually, it was Beck doing the singing, but who cares?

    LATE last night, as I stood in my garage, leaning into the hatchback with a beer in one hand and a cig in the other, trying to think "now, before I hit the power, what have I forgotten?", I felt the time was right.
    I butted out my smoke, downed the beer, tossed the empty in the general direction of the recycle bin, sat in the driver's seat, heart pounding, and "fired her up".
    I jumped out and around to the back and nervously checked all the wiring connections, but nothing seemed wrong.

    Deflated, I went and slumped back into the driver's seat, contemplating lighting up another butt.
    Then, I spied it. I laughed like a psychotic maniac. I had forgotten about my little "override switch" that I had installed next to the left dash vent.
    I flicked it, and sure enough, a few seconds later (thank you, DSchmidt) the PC powered up. About 15 seconds later I had Windows MediaPlayer opened up and Beck was singing "Beautiful Way" through my car speakers! Ahhhhhh.....

    I didn't have any other tunes loaded, so I played that little clip about 20 times
    I kicked back and had that last smoke anyway

    I would not have been able to do this project (nor would I have been inspired) if it weren't for most of the members on this board (special props to Moon for hosting!).

    This has been a year in the planning. Not because it's such a $hit hot system, but because I've (mostly) worked around my family life (a beautiful wife and 2 young boys). The last month or so I've been pretty selfish with my time, and I'd like to thank my family, here and now, for their patience in this project, and giving me my "freedom".

    Well, the system certainly has it's glitches, and by no means is it complete, but I can't wipe the smile off my face, anyway

    BTW, as soon as I can borrow a digital camera, I'll post some pics.

    Thanks again, for all your help!


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    Thumbs up

    Congratulation....There is more to come.
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    Quite a wordsmith I must say dos4who?..

    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    I have a civic 97 myself... I also have a switch on the front left side...and I once forgot to turn on the switch to the inverter I had at the time... man I was on the lookout for smoke I thought there was something seriously wrong....

    Everytime I reconnect the ground to the battery I get scared.... running 4 gauge wire from battery to trunk is a scary thought if you just think about all that current running through the wire.

    I have realized that this project never ends..there is always something else you can add or modify. RIght now I am the happiest I have ever been though so I know the feeling of finally doing something you planned for a long time.
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    i dont care what anyone says, but the first startup of ur first mp3car is the best feeling in the world!!!!!! its been almost 3 years since i got my first one done and i still remember it. me and one of my friends must have crusised all over town that night. and now im on my 3rd mp3car setup. congrats man!
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