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Thread: Car problems

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    Car problems

    I have noticed ever since I got my 2000 sunfire about a month and a half ago, that sometimes when I slow down, my radio/cd player starts lowering the volume, and it usually picks back up when I get to a certain speed.

    I dont have the carputer in yet, so its not that. I was hoping that its not a weak battery/alternator because Im about to dive right into installing the carputer.

    It doesnt seem to happen everytime (atleast I dont notice it), but my wife noticed it today and pointed it out to me (I have heard it a few times before)

    Its one of the Delco factory radios, with the theftlock.
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    You haven't read your manual yet, have you...
    Some manufacturers install radios with a volume attenuator when you slow down. Very nice feature. Be proud that you have it! There was a discussion here a while back about creating that circuit, but I don't think anything substantial resulted from it.

    Lucky you!

    Edit: You may be able to configure how much it attenuates when you slow down. Check the manual for that....
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    i know some gm radios higher volume when you drive to help drain road buddy had it in his 99 blazer...maybe its something like that? or does the volume get really low??

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    YEah thats a normal "feature" for a GM radio.. My dads chevy truck does that and it ****es me off everytime I drive it.. Im happy my stock radio in my colorado doesnt do it.. bet even if it did its being replaced by the carputer soon anyhow.


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