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Thread: mp3 duplicates

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    mp3 duplicates

    does anyone know of a program that can find duplicate mp3 files that is not based solely on file name?

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    Mp3 filter looks quite good.

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    I did actually write one back in the day

    It compares tags, Title, Artist, Album
    Then gives you a list of unique filenames and a right hand column shows suspected duplicates per file

    I'll take a look and see if i can find it for you - The UK's best modified car club (With lots of 16/17/18 year olds for scouse to abuse)

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    I have a program called the godfather, it works pretty well for me, it organizes, renames, finds duplicates, re-structures your mp3's, if you dont know the name of a song it can go out and find it for you, along with artist, album, genre, year, things like that. Here is a link

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    I ran into a problem of duplicate files and someone told me about

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