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Thread: winamp fade in and out plugin

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    winamp fade in and out plugin

    Hi, I Am looking for a winamp song fade in and out plugin for winamp 2.x. does not have to cross fade between songs.I thought I seen this all over the place years ago but can not find any now.The main reason I want this is because my girlfriend will not have the volume at a resonable level before changing songs (Even though i told her millons of times) So I Would like it to fade in and out the songs.

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    There are a heap of them on the winamp plugins site

    I can't remember which ones I use, and I'm currently on the other side of the country to my car

    The one I normally use is actually a fade-into rather than a cross fader. It mixes the tracks perfectly for live albums, so I get a smooth transition into the next track, rather than an annoying break. For random play, it means the tracks start immediately too, instead of being faded over for a couple of seconds as would happen with a cross fader.

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