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Thread: Ebacherville truckputer

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    Ebacherville truckputer

    Well I have taken the plunge.

    After reading and doing lost of research I decided to do a test to see if I could get my 2400+ amd board running as I thought it should at 800x480 native resolution of a 7" touch screen and having all my music in it along with a few movies and deciding on visulizations and skins fo the front end..

    So what I have is this:

    I started with a atx board and a old PC case I dremeled the case down to a small mounting board for the board and mounts for the 3.5" hardrrive..

    After i got this "mounting board" all figured out, I started messing with the diffrent front ends and skins after deliberating a bit I chose frodoplayer with ASTRID for my front end.. then tried getting the "holly grail"..800x480.. tried a few video cards I had laying around.. then decided to antie up for a Nvida gforce.

    Pricewatched a gforce 440, ordered the card.. While I waited for the card to arive I spent my 4 day weekend going through my 20 gigs of MP3's one by one and downloading the cover art etc. in MP10 and deleting duplicates and generaly organizing it.. then I found the Energy Bliss visualization at this visulization was almost everything I was looking for, has a spectrum anylizer and shows the song mane and cover art all in one.. if I could have one diffrent thing on it it would be get rid of the coulds and blue scheme and do somthing more abstract in the background.

    So, today my cheap nvida card arived... poped it in and booted it up.. loaded the latest gforce drivers and found the spot in the drivers apps to make a custom resolution. Poped in 800x480 and hit OK and BOOM..800x480

    So I have acomplished the basics for the system, so I orded my screen and await its arivial..

    This system wil be going into a 2005 Chevy Colorado regular cab, the LCD will be in the stock radio location.. with the PC behind the pasanger seat.. and a sub behind the driver seat.. The colorado has quite a big cab for a regular cab and I should hve no problem fitting it all in there..

    Next step after I get the screen is to get a DVD burner that will be mounted in between the seats behind your head by the rear window and to get the Opus power supply/controller. Then a GPS reciever.

    Still have to get my FM/TV tuner set up.. but that should be a fairly easy task.. i already have a card just have to install it and get it working with frodo player.


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    My screen is on its way .. it will be here on the 14th.. But im out of town for a few days so I wont be able to play until i get back from L.A.

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    Musicmatch Jukebox Pro would have organized your music for you.

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    would it download covers ect?

    And would i take out duplicates?

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    Well got my screen.. Hooked it up and it works awsome.. cant wait to get it into the truck. need to get my opus now and mount the screen.

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