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Thread: Windows XP Suckage

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    Post Windows XP Suckage

    Windows XP blows major goat balls. This OS just plain sucks. Some quite popular apps dont work, most of my fav game titles dont, i looks like it was designed for a child (dumbed down), major hardware compatibility issues. I sure as hell wouldnt use this for a carpc, and im considering installing 98SE back... it doesnt rock, but it sure doesnt suck as bad as XP. Windows was always the black sheep of OS'... XP takes it to the next level with its retarded interface.

    "Use this device (ENABLE)" <-- like i didnt know what "enable" meant... they had to get more lay for the dumba*s AOLer's to understand...

    The only reason i got it was so i could use a DV Video cam (since firewire wouldnt work for Win98fe, needs atleast Win98SE onwards).

    ARRGH. Now i have to uninstall it from my car player and do all that work over again.
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    Yeah, I had xp on my hd for 10 minutes and formatted ot and put windows 2000 back on my home computer.. I hated the way it was "dumbed" down too ;P i think it suxs..
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    Funny, I remember people saying this about Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win98SE, WinNT, Win2K, etc...

    If you don't like the look of XP, change the theme back to "Classic Windows". And wait a few more months for drivers to become available.
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    Originally posted by Aaron Cake:
    <STRONG>Funny, I remember people saying this about Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win98SE, WinNT, Win2K, etc...

    If you don't like the look of XP, change the theme back to "Classic Windows". And wait a few more months for drivers to become available.</STRONG>
    yeah, save the gui references, all the drive/gaming/incompatibilty complaints strike me as what i heard right after win2k came out. and the gui grows on you (after you tweak it to show everything).

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    well, i have it on another computer in my house (not the one i use) and i kinda like it. I am not really up to reformatting or upgrading from 2k on my main pc yet, but as far as a user friendly operating system, XP seems nice. it VERY nicely supports multiple users (logged in at the same time, switching, etc) considerign this is my familys main pc, this helps out a lot. .zip files now automatically are browsable as a directory. and it took my 5 minutes to tweak the GUI to the way i liked it. compatibility with XP is generally the same as 2k, at least in my experience.. as a consumer OS, i think that it has certainly increased in usefullness
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    I am running XP Pro and i found a feature that might fix King Snake's problems with running some apps. Go to the dir. where the game or app is located and right click on the exe file. Click on properties in the drop down menu and then click on the compatibility tab. You should now see a checkbox which will enable compatibility mode and after you check it, there is a drop down box of OS' to choose from such as Win 2000, 98, 95, etc. I havent tried this feature yet, but this might just solve it.
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    yep, only if he had patience....Anyway, mark my words. WE ALL WE USE it wether we like it or not. Once i get my 2nd box ready or even my first one, i will test it out. I sure want to use it.
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    My XP is sweet now that i know how to work with it.
    I run all the Software that I allways have.
    And out of 120 Pc's built so far ONLY 1 scanner and 1 Quickcam not supported with Xp!
    Keep up on your updates!!and ALOT Faster than ME or lower .
    If you keep up on the updates its just as stable and compatable as the others .

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    i like the setout of xp, but my only complaint, (and it is a major one for me) the tv capture card i bought, the drivers are not compatible with xp, i guess ill keep the card for when i finish my carpc, ill install win2k i think

    thanks kardas

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    I'm running it in the car for the main reason of increased reliability over 98 or Millenium. I've had three problems.

    1) No driver for my Nokia cell phone to serial port adapter.
    2) My crappy old webcam doesn't have drivers
    3) Cobra III Windows Shutdown doesn't work, but there is a shutdown button on my keyboard so it's not a big deal.

    Otherwise I've been really happy with it. GPS, DVDs, CobraIII, MPEG4 files, White/Yellow pages CD all work fine.

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