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Thread: keyboard/mouse with touchscreen or no?

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    keyboard/mouse with touchscreen or no?

    I'm getting into doing installs for people, and I will be using the 7" lilliput from this site. However, I dont know if you guys would use a mouse/keyboard with it or not. I plan on using everything touchscreen, but is there any need for a mouse/keyboard to actually be in there, except when troubleshooting or anything?

    In my setup I have a mx700 duo with a keyboard all wireless, plus a USB trackball mouse for navigating while driving. I dont have a touchscreen myself, but my installs will.

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    id say add on atleast a wireless keyboard as a "failsafe". atleast with the wireless route, if you dont need the keyboard, you can stash it and forget about it. no need to pull any wires or nothing which in a carpc situation would be a major PITA.
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