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Thread: I wish I had a radar detector!

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    Unhappy I wish I had a radar detector!

    I was on my way to Montreal for spring break. I'm cruising down the NY thruway, conditions are beautiful, the car is handling well, and nobody was around so i wasn't really paying attention to how fast i was going. That is until I looked in my rearview mirror and there was a trooper following me. He claims he clocked me at 106 (unlikely since the governer in my civic cuts the fuel at 100) and slapped with a ticket for going 41 over as well as a ticket for reckless driving. He hauled me to the Schroon Lake court room (he had to cuff me "for his safety") where I was arraigned and released for a bail of $1050. Now i'm told that if i'm convicted I will loose my license, go to jail for up to a year, and be kicked out of college. All for speeding...

    Well, just thought i'd share my story. Partly as a warning to others and partly cause i'm looking for some comforting words after a hard trip.

    - Cobelli

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    Are you sure about the governor? I've had a stock civic well above 105.
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    was it your first offence of any kind?

    not sure why they would kick you out of college....
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    You're going to want to maybe come up with some proof about that fuel cut in your Civic. I wish you the best of luck....oh and get a lawyer right now.

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    I'm not at my house right now, but send me an IM and I can talk to you about it. My uncle was a lawyer and now he's a judge, so he might be able to give you some good advice.

    AIM- djm05

    (I was going 110 in a 65, they clocked me at 87 and he helped me a lot with it)

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    dont speed and you wouldnt have this problem or a need for a radar detector
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    oh man..that almost happened to me once. i was going 83 in a 45 (38 mph over) and the cop told me if i was goin two mph faster i would be in jail. got off with some community service and small fine. no biggie. that threat they made to you is the maximum you could get, so as long as your record is otherwise ok i doubt youll be getting the maximum punishment. and like FailedSenses said...get a lawyer. and good luck.

    on the topic of radar detectors...they are a waste of money. i've never owned one, but everyone one i know who does, has atleast one speeding ticket while using it. false security. if your radar detector can pick up the cop's radar, the cop's radar can catch you. so, if your radar detector is beeping, its most likely too late. at the very least, he will see you slamming on your breaks and just make up some number and say you were speeding. which brings up a good point. you can ask to see the radar if you dont believe the number.

    anywho, long story short...personal opinion: its better to try and keep a sharp eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmccann
    you can ask to see the radar if you dont believe the number.
    Myth. The cop does NOT have to show you.
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    I live here, in Montreal, Quebec and I wish people could go to jail for overspeeding.. law is too smooth here

    And radar detectors are illegal !

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    I don't actually wish I had a radar detector, i wish i wasnt stupid enough to speed. However it is rediculous that I could go to jail for it. Take away my license, but jailtime is a punishment unfit for the crime

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