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Thread: Should I buy this audio equipment?

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    Post Should I buy this audio equipment?

    My boss offered me a bunch of audio equiptment. I don't know anything about car audio but I bet you guys do! First off, he has a kicker box with two woofers in it thats huge. Then there are 2 amps, I forgot who made em but theyre brand name, one is pretty big and silver and one is small and purple in case u know the model. He said to make an offer and I don't know what the price would be. Thanks.

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    Get Model numbers. Kicker makes $100 and $1000 subs. Same goes with amps. Find out the model numbers for them. Silver could be anything...probably PPI though. Those are pretty good amps if you get one that works. We send about 1 in 3 back to PPI. Small and purple?? hrmm...dont know about that one. Just get the model numbers.

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    The purple one could be a purple power amp, if this is the case it is fairly low quality and they are pretty cheap (as PoBoy said get names and numbers) and you will be able to find out what they are worth. Preferbly find out how old they are as well, even though age doesnt matter that much

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    OK, i have a:

    Pioneer GM-X502 Amp
    Pioner Premier GM-X402
    A Pioneer CD deck
    2 speakers w/ the chrysler logo
    2 coustic speakers
    2 MB quart speakers
    2 Pioneer TS-A165 speakers

    I payed 200 for it all. Good deal? I still have to go get the kicker box. Also, does any1 have instructions on how to hoook this all up?! Or links? Thanks a bunch!

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    you did GOOD!

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