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Thread: some audio questions for my setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electrocharge
    Y dont you just run external sound from the laptop straight to the amp with an external card like this one @ ......

    I use it for my setup, granted i have everything totally wired in but it works well. I did use a multichannel amp too..... forget the head-unit

    can u tell me the advantages of using this over a headphone jack to rca out put to the amps? just curious.

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    slightly better quality. but in my experience, external cards provide little improvement over onboard cards to warrant a major splurge. only good advantage to external cards is less interference from the computer since the A/D conversion takes place outside the computer aways from anything that can introduce noise into the mix.
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    and if you trying to save space inside ur case an external card would be a good way...
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