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Thread: Anyone from Finland that is a H.I.M. fan?

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    Anyone from Finland that is a H.I.M. fan?

    Anyone from Finland that is a H.I.M. fan that would be willing to help out a fellow MP3 Car member and H.I.M. fan? I think the band H.I.M. has got to be one of the best bands out there!!! And I was wondering if anyone that lives in Finland could hook me up on some H.I.M. stuff? It is hard as hell to find any H.I.M. merch here in the states. So, what I'm asking is, would anyone be willing to find some stuff (keychains, posters, CD's,...) and mail them to me here in the states? I will pay the shipping and the cost of the item upfront. I can pay by personal check, moneyorder, or paypal.
    Help out a fellow member! Plaese!!!!!

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    This really belongs in the off-topic forum category.

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    go to and check out the store they have. There is a decent amount of stuff that they sell. It is a bit expensive but if you really want the stuff. Good luck and HIM definitely rocks.

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