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Thread: Wanted - Los Angeles Area - Cash Payment for Installation

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    Wanted - Los Angeles Area - Cash Payment for Installation

    I am looking for someone to connect an Opus power supply to my HP E-PC40 computer. I have the PC, and will purchase the Opus. I am looking to pay a fee for someone to connect the the two. I will install the finished unit into my car. I have opened my PC and it's all greek to me on how and where to connect, so I am looking to pay someone to do it for me. I live in the Ontario, Los Angeles area.

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    hey pm me im in buena park i could prolly help you out leme know when you are looking to getting this done

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    If you come to me Ill do it for a reasonable price

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    I don't think an OPUS will connect to an EPC.. I was told when I bought it that its a totally different thing.

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