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Thread: DVD Part2

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    DVD Part2

    Ok, I posted this problem under CF/bugs. But I'm thinking there might be more to this than a bug.

    I just Reinstalled Windows XP, CF, Net Framework 1.1, DirectX, Managed DirectX and was recommended to also install PowerDVD, FFDShow and AC3filter.

    PowerDVD plays DVD but the video is good but the sound is choppy.
    Windows Media Player 10 plays DVD but the video is choppy and the sound is good. Might be the other way around.

    CF....I hit DVD and it restarts. No before reinstalling for the 3rd time. I never had this problem with CF...It just didn't play. But I can cancel out.

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    the latest...

    ok...Error message..

    Windows Video Driver has stopped

    vtddisplay error.

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    try in powerdvd seeing if you can check hardware decoding. that fixed my chooppy video problem, however i am using an ATI video card that has hardware decoding. dont know what video card you are using.

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    any ideas for this problem...?
    im going to try to solve it tom.
    DICE Los Angeles

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