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Thread: Full screen visuals toooo slow!!

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    Full screen visuals toooo slow!!

    I am running Neocar Media Centre on a MII12000 with 256 RAM. The visuals are fine as a small window, but full screen they are way too slow. Is this because there is not enough RAM? I would have gone for 512, but read that 256 would give me faster hibernate times.

    If the RAM is the reason for this i might just have to upgrade.

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    It will mainly be a processor problem

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    and your video card of course, and the via built in video sucks
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    get p4 3.6 that might be fix your problem. OK just joking,but really get a decent p4 processor.

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    if its the processor i might just have to live with it, for now anyway. Cant really see myself buying a new motherboard right now. I just thot that if the most people seem to be using M1000 then a 12000 should be fine, but guess i was wrong.

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