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Thread: cpu and case temps need more cooling?

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    cpu and case temps need more cooling?

    I am using a AMD Sempron 2600+ in a Shuttle pc case.says max temp rated for the Cpu is 180f. Right now the cpu has been reaching 140-150f with temps outside 90f. Should I be Worried that this is getting too hot? How close to the max temp is still safe? It says that it has burn proof which supposed to underclock if it gets too hot. don't know if that works or just a bunch of bull.

    What is the max temps for hard drives?
    the case has been getting 120-135f which my guess the hard drive is pretty close to that also.

    what is the best way to cool a car pc? no room in case for more fans.(shuttle pc).
    I have seen threads on a/c cooling from the car how does that work?

    About 5 years ago I tried cooling my case with the car a/c but it did not seem to help.All I did was I taped into one of the air ducts with a 1/2" hose and ran that to the trunk into the case.(Too much hose no air flow).

    Any ideas

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    i dont know if this would work for you but look into a water cooled system. i think some companies make this but for the most part its a do-it-yourself type of project.

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    this is probably not what you want to do, but just under clock the proc a little and drop the vcore down a tenth or so I personally don't let my processor go over 55C if i can help it. Actually, its below 45C at 1.35Vcore at 1.25Ghz on a AMD 2000+ and it was hot today. Just my hint for a temporary fix during the summer months.


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    150 F is 65.5 degrees C, which is definitely a little warm... Are you using stock cooling? If so, I'd definitely consider upgradeing it somehow, or rebuilding the carputer so it is in the cabin of the car (Under one of the seats or something) so the A/C cools it. Watercooling, though it could definitely be done, is probably best to avoid in a car. I wouldn't trust it to not spring a link.

    If you're not getting any lock-ups or program crashs from the heat, though, you could just ignore it. The worst that can happen is your processor won't last as long as it could have other wise. If it would mean a lot of time/money to drop the CPU temps, and you don't mind possibly having to replace it sooner than you would otherwise, I'd say just live with it...

    The hard drive, however, I'd make sure has several fans blowing air across it, or maybe one of those hard drive bay cooler thingies made for hard drives (check ebay). And I'd keep anything important on it backed up some place else.

    Just my two cents (USD, of course ).

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