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Thread: i think i got it (screens)

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    i think i got it (screens)

    i have been looking at these screen installs and have been woundering how in the world you all did them. with all that molding and everything. then i think i saw something that i have been over looking...have you all been taking the screens apart and bondoing/insatlling that plastic thing the screens attached to into the dash or have all you all been mounting those screens from scratch? i have really been wanting to know b/c i want a screen in my dash instead of getting a flip down......also if anyone has a screen installing in a 1st gen s-10 or s-10 blazer i would love to see some pics

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    You can start with altimat's thread (he is one of the masters in fab):

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    I just used a big bottle 'o dog snot to stick the LCD to the dash. Worked great, and it sands pretty good too. A PITA to get the snot though.
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    I chopped up the original screen casing to get it the right size and then glued it to a dash facia that i bought cheap from a scrap yard. Then I used bumper filler to fill the gaps and smooth it over. Once that's complete the sanding starts, and that takes a long time!! Using fine Wet n' Dry paper and plenty of water you can get a really smooth finish. Then it's a case of painting it. Usually with a filler primer first (then more sanding) and finally with a top coat.

    The most important thing is to take your time.

    Here's how mine turned out...
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    Fociman I really love that one men it looks sper-stock....

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    Wow, FociMan that is a nice bezel! The sanding appears to have paid off.
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