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Thread: AAARGHHH!! Help! Cant play any video

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    AAARGHHH!! Help! Cant play any video

    I just finished a fresh windows install on my system, and loaded all my media files and software that i need. There were a few videos that i couldnt play so after googling i installed the k-lite codec pack.

    Now this is where the problems started. After installing the codec pack, NONE of my videos will play. Doesnt matter wether they are avi, mpg or wmv. I get sound but no picture. I have removed the codecs and reinstalled WMP but still cant get any picture. I could play a front end preview video (avi) posted on the forums, but that is the only one that has worked so far.

    Somebody PLEEASE HELP!!! Any help or suggestions appreciated

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    I've never liked codec packs. I used to run them, but I just got too many compatibility issues. If you don't have too much installed, I'd just reformat and then download the right stuff - QT, Real, Divx, Xvid, etc. Just my $.02
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    Thaks for the reply

    I only want to format as a last resort, as i just finished a fresh install after a previous hard drive problem. I really dont want to go throu it all over again unless i really have to. If i can get it fixed i will steer clear of codec packs.

    Anyone else??

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