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Thread: What HU should I buy? My OEM HU just went out :(

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    Red face What HU should I buy? My OEM HU just went out :(

    Sup all,

    I'm now in the market for a new HU. I have looked at the Pioneer DEH-7300. Anyone know the ups and downs of that Model? I have also looked at the JVC LX300 (aka Kameleon) also the ups and downs of this model?

    I just want an awesome HU that will work with my mp3car setup (so it must have AUX IN). Please help you all it sucks driving around with no sound.


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    I don't know about the Pinoneer model, but I do have JVC LX. It has aux in, out, woofer out...which is good. I don't know if I got the defect, but if you use it a long time in very hot temp, the control panel won't go in smoothly. Mine worked fine for about 2yrs, and now when I push the power, the control panel goes in half way. I kinda have to push it a little bit to get the cd out.
    Anyway, if you are going to use it for caputer, I think it would work fine since it has aux in, out.(well.....if not most, all of the aftermarket HUs have them..I think.)

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    Not all aftermarket units have an aux-in yet but alot of them do now. I recently bought a Blaupunkt Key Largo for $200 which is very nice. 50Wx4, aux-in sub out and looks good (IMO) I will try to get pictures of it this weekend both during the day and at night. (need new pictures of my setup anyways

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    I bought a JVC KDSH77 and it has 2 aux inputs on it... as well as 3 sets of RCA pre out ( rear, subwoofer, front) all 4V...and a built in 3 band equalizer.. sound is awesome =) I paid around $210 from
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