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Thread: Article: spy device will cut driversí speed by satellite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuriy
    You can make one out of a used cell phone. Do a search, I think some p2p networks have all the instructions Oh, and I don't see this happening, it's dangerous. And I'm sure they'd miss all that revenue they get from speeding tickets.
    Yeh, I saw the instructions also. Not the hardest thing in the world to build. Now what's harder to build is something that fakes the signal and not just blows jams it. My idea: have the thing send out that you're on a drag strip... so no speed limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickster
    Just another way of wasting money
    Just another way of amassing control and keeping you under their thumb.
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    I don't agree that the system should automatically slow you down but I do think a digital map incorporated into a GPS system that actually knows what the speed limit on the road you are traveling on WOULD be good.

    How many times have you approached a speed camera thinking the limit is 40MPH but not positively known that so slowed to 30 to be safe only to find 100m further on a road sign saying 40!!


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    Yeah, built in speed limits would be cool for nav. Control of the car is not. However, I find it hard to believe that this would ever be implemented - think of all the lost profit for police departments...

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