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Thread: Selling a car after a carputer install

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    Selling a car after a carputer install

    Has anyone sold a car that had a carputer install? Has anyone sold it with the carputer? (I can imagine reactions of potential buyers who have no idea about computers .) How much did it affect resale value?
    If you took it out, were there any holes or cut panels, or did you replace them all with stock parts?

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    I sure would hope it does increase the value of the car. But, unfortunately like most modifications, it usually doesn't.

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    honestly, unless you find someone tech savy to sell it to it would only decrease the value of the car.

    garenteed in a week the person will have it not working.
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    Most of the time, people want stock.

    Dealer once was going to give us $70 less cause we had a fancy after market head unit. Good thing we had the stock deck laying around.

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    Eh, that's exactly the reason I'm installing mine into a classic car that'll be kept in a garage and not a daily driver. I'll probably just drive it on the weekends and to car shows. If I ever sell it, then it won't be to a dealer. Probably another person that really appreciates driving classic cars, but prefers modern convience.... Either way, the car computer won't be the selling point. I doubt it would be in any other car. Unless the car is a real junker and costs less than the computer someone that just wants a carputer.

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    Why would you want to sell it? Take it out for your next vehicle.
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    my computers are usually worth more than my vehicles ^_^

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    A buddy of mine asked his coworkers about this one day after work when he was thinking of testing a carpc install in a car he was about to sell. The car was worth about $3000 - $4000 as it was. (decent body for an '89 and a rebuilt engine with less than 2k miles) After hearing the specs, they all apparently agreed that they'd gladly pay an extra $1000 for the carpc. It was an NF7-S with 2500+. 120 gig maxtor hdd. 512 or 1 gig ram (I forget.) GPS. Wifi with custom 7db omni antenna. 7" lilliput installed oem-style. Custom dc-dc psu. He was working at a computer repair store, by the way. So these guys who would pay an extra grand were indeed techies. These guys knew full well that the parts alone would cost closer to $500, yet they agreed on a full $1000 more.

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    You have to becarefull because the buyer can go back and bite you in the a$$ if the computer cause distraction and accident.
    You have to disclose the computer in the bill of sale to cover your a$$ if it happen.
    Unless the buyer is tech savy otherwise, it will decrease the value. Althought I am tech savy myself, but I don't want to pay more than the car actual value because it have carputer inside cuz I will do it myself. I probably pay a hundred or 2 but no more.
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    yeah matrixpc is right.

    If your buyer is a non-technical person, he could give a **** about your carputer. He'd even prefer something simpler like a stock radio!

    If your buyer is a tech savvy person, he'd want to build the system himself anyway.

    In either case, the carputer will actually decrease the value of your car.

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