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Thread: remote start on manual

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    Hello, I'm a newbie to car pc topics, but remote starts I do know well. You guys are making remote starts for manuals WAY too complicated. About 5 years ago, I put a remote start on my manual 98 Integra GSR. I found the product on eBay for 60 bucks. Just search Ultrastart. Any product number with an M at the end means it's made for manuals. They have great support for new installers as well. After making all the required connections, you're good to go. (For the Integra, I didn't need any bypass module or added security bypass relay) Here's the beauty of it. As I am pulling into a parking spot, of course I had my foot on the brake to stop the car - step 1. Step 2 - pull the e-brake. Most of us do these steps naturally so it's not a hassle. Step 3 - turn "off" of the car and take out the keys. The engine keeps running! You MUST be in neutral for this to work otherwise you simply can't get out of the car! Next - get out and as soon as the door closes the engine shuts off and your car is ready to be remote started. It's THAT simple. :-)

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    dude, that was over 2 years ago, im quite sure they found the answers they needed

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