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Thread: Do You Headunit.. yes or no?

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    Do You Headunit.. yes or no?

    I'm in a big bind trying to fiqure out to go headunit or not. My #1 goal is best SQ that I can get. And I already realize that playing mp3's then directly with a cd is already degrading.

    I have two ways I feel I can go about this.

    Either connect my Eclipse 5444 to my carputer with the digital link, although I cam not certain if my eclipse will see a pcm signal from the audigy. So It might turn into an analog feed from my carputer which is not very good.

    The other meathod would be to completely drop the head unit, and purchase the Alpine DSP unit. This would allow me to connect the carputer to the ALPINE DSP, then to the amps and completely bypass a Traditional Head unit.

    My concern is the sound quality, which will provide the best. I realize the eclipse has 24 bit dac's, although by completely bypassing the head unit will I lose some sound quality going with audigy to alpine dsp, then to amps?

    I've always used a head unit of some nature.

    HOpefully I didn't confuss too many

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    while I am a *huge* fan of eclipse head units (the CD8053 is my favorite head unit of all time), the audigy with optical/SPDIF output to the alpine processor would be better and much more versatile than the 5444.

    I would definitely suggest spending the extra for a H700 rather than the H510.

    also, if youre not planning on 3d gaming, I'd get a chaintech AV710 instead of the audigy. its a lot cheaper ($20) and has bit perfect optical output.

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    i am using SPDIF - > Eclipse CD8454.

    I found out about the Alpine unit after i had got the Eclipse. I still like it for playing CDs though, so I am happy with it. (My carputer has no optical drives).
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    No head unit here. Clarion line driver/EQ unit.
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    Dont have a headunit. cant see any reason why I would.
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    Alpine ERA-G320 coming off the computer. No need (or space) for the headunit.

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    I kept my HU mainly for the better functionality of the radio tuner, and because when the PC crashes I will still be able to have music. And everyone here knows that sometime, somehow, something will go wrong with the carputer. As much as I love it, it will happen.

    I'm using an Carputer--->Alpine 9855--->JL Audio 300/4 for Mids/Highs, and a Kicker 350.4 bridged for the subs.

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    My headunit bit the dust. That's when I went with pure amp power. It works awesome, and is plenty loud coming from onboard sound. In fact I can turn my volume much past 10%. In case of PC crashes, I keep an extension cable and a CD player, so I can just plug the amp into the logner cable up to my walkman cd player. works fine.

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    No head unit

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