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Thread: Does a carputer take away from enjoying driving?

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    I don't agree a Car PC spoils the fun of driving. I don't see how it would make any difference, manual or automatic. In the UK 'stick shift' is pretty much the norm, so obviously it's quite natural in the UK to drive a manual car without any extra thought.

    The main thing is, I suppose is it stops detracting from the driving. If you drive best to music - then it's usually easier to pop you're driving tracks on in a playlist, and set the navigation to direct you (if you're driving in the unknown) so you can concentrate on driving fast. It's also been useful in a few situations with my passenger 'reading the road' ahead (like a rally navigator) so I can drive the twisty country roads a little faster!
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    I think driving a performance car without a PC these days is sooooooooo dangerous.

    I mean you need to know where those damn pesky speed cameras are.

    and as stated above DVD screens for the passengers to distract their attention away from the speedo is a must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    and as stated above DVD screens for the passengers to distract their attention away from the speedo is a must.
    Yeah nothing's more likely to cause a crash than the missus screaming 'look how fast you're going.. we're going to die!!!' when you've got the car sideways round a corner and you *need* to concentrate!
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    I agree with Stevieg. Most cars in the UK are manual and quite frankyl the only people with automatic gearboxes are nonces driving big Mercs or Beamers. I would never consider driving an automatic because it's not like driving at all... As for carputers reducing the enjoyment of driving, I've never heard anything so rediculous in all my life!!

    No offence of course...

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    300 hp...6 speed... you drive an STi?

    i'm still working on putting the carputer in my wrx, but in my 96 accord 5 speed, seemed to be much easier to queue up driving music or other "goodies" when stuck in gridlock traffic.

    the only way i would get an auto is if i lot my left leg, or lived on long island for more than 5 years. stick + bumper to bumper traffic = sucks.
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    I love having the carputer in my Z. I do spend time screwing with the pc when it is acting up, but on normal days it isn't any more distracting than my radio, and I cant turn either or both off when I just want to hear the wind and the road.

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    The only time I turn the CarPC/Music off is when I am on a 5 min trip to the stores or when I want to hear the BOV sound.
    Other than that, carPC add more fun to the drive. There is no need to look at the screen for direction or changing song.
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    I am a little biased as I'm a free-wheeling speed loving, geek with a jocks body that enjoys both car PC's and sports cars.

    I just put a Car PC in my RSX Type-S and felt my member enlarge by 25%! That's without any pills, injection or any helpers at all.

    I've noticed soon as I put my CarPC in and started installing XP while driving in excess of 100Mph it made the install that much faster! All eyes on the road though.

    Seriously though, it takes nothing away, and depending on what your CarPC is slated for, would be the decision maker. I'm using mine as an all in one, driving my sound, GPS and passenger entertainment system.

    The one ting I would recommend is the in-dash LCD, not just for space saving. But if I need to be driving without distraction or just listening to tunes, I can pop it down and not have any body complain about the blue hue coming off my pale white face.

    I look forward to installing ODB-II and have some custom gears show up on all 3 LCD screens to show my car off, that way when I smoke the guy off the mark he'll at least get the enjoyment of seeing the sweet carPC that took his ego away.

    hehe....I'm a little over the top today, but if you put one in I'm sure you'll find creative ways to make it apart of the driving experience or just turn it off it you're not. If you're going the route of a HU then you don't necessarily need the PC for sound. If your not using it as a primary car or just boot around town and don't need a GPS for it then you're not going to use the CarPC for that.

    So ask the question what you would use the CarPC for if you installed it and you should have your answer on whether to install it or not.

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    dude, if I had the keys to a Ferrari and an open twisty road, and I had the option to have felacio while I drive, it would be one hell of a distraction, but I'd deal with it. Moral of the story is, Carpc may distract you from your sports car, but Its very worth the distraction. Eventually, you will learn to balance both.
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    once its on and playing how could it be any worse than a cd or radio?? i have other problems to worry about like hitting the speed limiter in 4th before redline, and still having 2500 rpm to go in 5th and the car just wont go any faster . just sits there at 5000 rpm :-))
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