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Thread: Does a carputer take away from enjoying driving?

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    I would think it enhances it as well, imagine loading up a good hours-worth of great driving music without having to swap a CD or fiddle with the controls, other than the volume of course

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    Its like anything else you put money into what you like. The only thing about high performance is that no matter how much money you throw at it. It will never be one thing (At least in the USA) and that is legal to use on the street. Eventually if caught enough times you loose your license to drive.

    Car puters do not have that problem. the vehicle just gets cooler and more pimp with every dime. Now add to that a sound system that can shatter the windows of the cars around you and your profiling status goes wayyyyy up.

    Yea it's nice to have a car with obscene muscle under the hood. But all that gets you is a go to jail and do not collect 200 dollars card. Unless of course you do all of your playing on the track.

    Any way I've got a Kawasaki 900R to go insane speeds with. Enough accelleration to leave you with inverted eyeballs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerach
    I just put a Car PC in my RSX Type-S and felt my member enlarge by 25%! That's without any pills, injection or any helpers at all.

    UUUUUUUMMMMMMM..... really waaaaaaay too much information.



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    I didnt read most the responses but I had to link this guy's project. I think a carputer fits nicely in a sport car judging from this =D

    '98 Corvette Indy Pace Car-Puter

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    Not that I have a performance vehicle or anything... But I like music, I pulled the PC out for awhile and recently put it back in.

    Driving is much better with comercial free music.

    My set up is simple and for music only, not much that is distracting
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    I am putting a carputer into an extremely high performance vehicle, and I think its even better suited for one. hell one of the main reasons I wanted to do this is to have built in datalogging and tunercat/ECU emulation. to have it as part of the dashboard/car rather than a flying around laptop would be indispensable.

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    .. give me another 3 months and I should be able to tell you If you see my sig, my car is rather loud and of course manual.

    I think it just depends on how much you value the cool features of the carputer. For me, the appeal is the planning and putting it together. Yes, the finished product will be quite cool too (hopefully)
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    i have a 02 saleen convertible with about 380rwhp..and im planning my carpc project with a xenarc 7" tsv..Im not thinking about selling my tsv because their's too many "Questions" still to be answered..theirs no good fm tuner it seems, which is very important to me, and the sound quality issue seems iffy..I hear even with a audigy2 nx the sound is medicore, even with a line driver..with a kenwood 6.5" i can have mp3 support, watch dvd movies, navigation..for around $1400 without having to worry about "if's" and "buts"..and i will have headunit sound quality..but it is a fact that navi and movies makes a sports car way more fun to drive..and yea, i got a 5spd

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    I plan on using my old laptop to do the business, once I upgrade the ram and stuff a bigger hard drive into it. I wont leave home without it to be honest...
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    Quote Originally Posted by J187
    dude, if I had the keys to a Ferrari and an open twisty road, and I had the option to have felacio while I drive, it would be one hell of a distraction, but I'd deal with it. Moral of the story is, Carpc may distract you from your sports car, but Its very worth the distraction. Eventually, you will learn to balance both.
    I don't have the fellatio option, but I do have the keys and the PC installation. I can assure all, it does not detract from the driving experience nor does it distract in any way (unless you let it of course). For me it's an incredibly useful device that offers so much more than anything 'off the shelf'.

    I have two cars because driving an F355 every day would tend to spoil the experience, but it's the F355 I use when going to places other than work/shops. So that's where I need navigation, and hence it's where the car PC is installed.

    Quote Originally Posted by FociMan
    I agree with Stevieg. Most cars in the UK are manual and quite frankyl the only people with automatic gearboxes are nonces driving big Mercs or Beamers. I would never consider driving an automatic because it's not like driving at all... As for carputers reducing the enjoyment of driving, I've never heard anything so rediculous in all my life!!

    No offence of course...
    My daily drive is an E38 7 series. It's an automatic and provides no-fuss transport to get from A to B. I guess that makes me a 'nonce'. Driving an auto is just the same as driving a manual, except you don't have to ride the clutch in traffic jams. I've never heard anything so rediculous (sic) in all my life!! (No offence taken)

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