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Thread: Does a carputer take away from enjoying driving?

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    Wouldnt say so.

    I currently own an RX-7 and due to marriage and a upcoming house I'll be replacing it with a Nissan 300zx N/A. Both are sporty cars that are geared towards the enthusiest who wants a balance of power and handling. I was going to put a carPC in the FD but decided to wait for the 300zx since I dont want to have to reverse all my changes before selling the car.

    Anyways, I feel that any modification you do with taste or functionality only adds to the car. You may spend much of your time tweaking the interface or working on making the dash look just right with that LCD blended in or even integrating more of the cars systems into the carpc(something I'm rather too intent upon) but its still a core improvement on the vehicle you are lucky enough to drive everyday and that makes you happy. I'll never forget the reason I drive the RX-7, even if I'm utilizing MP3's, GPS and simple ODBI functions.

    If anything it makes the experiance more enjoyable and unique in my opinion, although it also depends highly on WHAT you do and what your intents with the vehicle are. My systems will have to be very conservative on weight so as not to upset the balance and light design of the car. Cleanly intergrate modern design with the era-tailored look that unionizes many functions under one umbrella. The last goal I always look to is constraining to the space provided and trying to work with the space behind the dash or under the console, and avoid comprimising trunk space or leg room as much as possible.

    [1995 Nissan 240sx]

    Planning.........[::::::::::] 90%
    Parts.............[::::::::::] 60%
    Construction...[::::::::::] 10%
    Software........[::::::::::] 50%

    [1994 Mazda RX-7]

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    My SpecV Nissan Sentra was ripped apart and sleeved, low comp pistons, GT35R turbo.....$2500 in tuning I want to monitor that professional tune on an Electromotive TECIII now without lugging my laptop in and out.
    But with the carputer I decided I should go video now even though I agree that it makes little sense in a car with 300+whp.

    I just joined and ordered all my carputer stuff so far off ebay so I haven't even started yet, but there is a wealth of info here that has already helped me greatly, thanks people
    It's going to be fun!!

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    I have had a carputer in my T-bird for a little over a month now. I can say that it does not distract from driving any more than the radio or CD player. Even though the car can go nearly 150mph, I rarely go over 70. Since the car is a convertible, and the temperatures in Austin, Texas allow top-down driving almost year-round, I usually don't even pay attention to the screen during the daytime because I can't see it. I have learned where the common buttons are for track forward, pause, etc on the Roadrunner skin I am using, and I can operate it blindly without even taking my eyes off the road. When the unusual case of needing to use navigation comes up, I can drive with the top up if I need to see the screen for navigation in the daytime. Using it at night is no problem at all.

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    I think it makes perfect sense. It allows for so many nice features that any car can use. I'm doing mine for gps, mp3, live video recording, ems control. Like chillboy said now I don't even need a laptop. can't beat that. can log runs, boost, temps... That alone makes it worth it for me. Plus nothing like gps for traveling. I like highway driving and my sports car is going to see some long trips.

    Oh over 500hp

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