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Thread: What would you do with a bus and $$$$?

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    What would you do with a bus and $$$$?

    Hey everyone. I was just day-dreaming about having a big-old bus, and what I would do with it. I imagined one pc per seat, with a monitor mounted in the headrest. Each seat would have a webcam and microphone. that would be to conference to each other. Additionally, all seats would conenct to one GPS receiver, so they can literally see "are we there yet?". Only the driver could change the actual destination, and get voice-by-voice etc. Additionally, a printer would be available, (thermal receipt pritner probably), in case the passengers want to get direcftions from there stop, to the final destination.

    Another thing i would like to add is a type of gaming machine, with a big-ol-flip down monitor near the front of the bus, and the middle of the bus (two groups). These monitors would play a movie for everyone to watch, or they could be loaded to play games for all the passengers. (Scattegories anyone?). Be sweet if someone made some network-based games such as that.

    Finally, for some more techinical information, a hub would be in the back seat, to connect all the computers. Also, After putting a 'freaking huge alternator in, a generator may be underway. So ultimately, you may lose the back two seats to the generator, backup bateries, and the network stuff, but I think it would be a sweet system.

    What would you do with a bus and tons of $$$. (If there's an obvius way to make it cheaper - go for it. Consider it like you hav e a big 'ol budget, but you wanna save as much as you can)

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    I'd sell the bus for more $$$
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    LOL.. convertable!!
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    I'd pack the bus with some carefully placed explosives, put a brick on the accelerator, and point it towards a cliff. Boom!

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    if it were an old VW bus I would pimp the **** out of it
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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    The color chanign paint that changes with heat.
    The smart-glass or whatever (blackout to vis).
    Bed in the back.
    30 inch plasma with cam on ceiling above bed.
    Air ride (dros would be great but way too many batts).
    Wireless AP.
    Sat for tv.
    8 comps for the Whole lan thing.
    13 wires (20 wires if the 13s dont fit, hehe).
    And a whole lot of crush velvet.
    Oh and alot of gigs of space for the 4 cams on the outside to watch the damn thing.

    Im sure im leaving somethings out, but if i only had like 50,000 this would be it.

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    gut it, put in a disco ball and boombox. add a keg and you're in for a good time.

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