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Thread: IDK What I Want

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    IDK What I Want


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    Here's your silver platter....
    If you want an overwhelming amount of information, you gots to read an overwhelming amount of information.
    It will make it all that much sweeter when you get it working!
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    checkout the FAQ forum. also most people have the best audi output with an AUDIGY sound card

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    1. Punctuation makes your posts easier to read.

    2. This is a community forum frequented by car computer enthusiasts. It is not the customer service window at Best Buy where you state your specs and they produce a system for you.

    3. Perhaps you searched, but what terms did you use?

    4. Did you look at the titles of the various forums? One of them is labeled "FAQ Emporium". Inside is a sticky link called "Attention Newbies! A FAQ to the FAQ's"

    That overwhelmed feeling you have will go away if you set aside the time and effort to do some reading. It is unfortunate, but in order to successfully install a car PC in your car, you will simply have to put in the hours to read, digest, compare, plan, and choose the components. Nobody here can do this for you.

    That said, wander over to the "Show off your projects" forum and search for your car. You'll see how others have done it. If your car is not in there, pick a similar type and see how the builders have accomplished the task.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Welcome Canadaisintexas!

    I think what Bugbyte means about the punctuation is formating sure makes it more likely someone will take the time to read and respond to your post. You didn't do too badly on the punctuation, actually . I've found it is really helpful to break up long paragraphs into short 1 - 3 sentance sections.

    I do agree with Bugbyte on the read, read, read sentiment. Most of us here learned everything we know about this topic from the real pioneers of a few years ago. That knowledge is passed down in these forums in posts..particularly in the FAQs.

    Until you read those FAQs, you are likely to get a response to most questions as it will be clear from the question that you haven't invested much time in research yet. Until you do that, peeps on the boards will wonder why they should invest time helping you if you don't want to invest time learning first!

    All in all, however, you'll find the peeps here very helpful and friendly. Get a working knowledge of what you think you might like to do (by looking at what others have done successfully), ask some intelligent questions about the details and go for it!

    I agree with the Dodge thing...I've got a 93 1500 SLT Ram myself that has never had a lick of trouble! I'm not putting a 'puter in it, however, so I can't help you there.

    Good luck and welcome to the Dollar Dyson hobby!
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