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Thread: I've built my first computer!

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    Talking I've built my first computer!

    I'm very proud of myself if you couldn't tell. Anyways, my carputer is up and running on AC power inside. Got the lilli doing touchscreen duty but i've plugged in a mouse for setup. Now to get it installed with my Opus. I was saddened to learn that i don't htink my opus'll fit into my Morex Venus 668 case. Time for some fabrication methinks.

    Also, any hot tips on keyboards for the car?
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    If it works for you get onscreen keyboard software, not sure what is available (I have a tablet PC with this technology). The advantage is it works like a full sized keyboard yet you dont have to lug it around. The disadvantage of course its not a full size keyboard. Pending the size it may be helpful to get a stylus from your local office supply store.

    If you want a real like USB keyboard, just browse around from what I can tell keyboards are basically keyboards, if it works for you it will work.

    If you want wireless, I couldn't reccomend the Logitech MX Duo setup more, though it requires a plug so would be more difficult for CarPC setup.

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