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Thread: Steering Wheel Controls for a Car PC

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    Steering Wheel Controls for a Car PC

    CHeck this out. I think this will be my next purchase for my car PC!!

    A few holes in the steering wheel and I have thumb control!!!

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    $150? wow. Check this (it's been posted here a few times)...

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    I saw this a while ago, I've been known to splurge on my installs but even I couldn't bring myself to pay $150 for that.... it is very cool though...

    the $10 one looks great for the money though...

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    I have one of these:

    guys on my steering wheel. Works beautifully, and not too expensive at $40

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    wow, arent the $150 and the $10 the same thing except for the cover? Bit much to ask $140 for a cover really.

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