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Thread: Will a car computer mix with subwoofers.

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    Will a car computer mix with subwoofers.

    I own a 2001 Sebring Sedan. I wanted to know if anyone has issues between subwoofers and car computers. Im new to car computing but am heavy in car audio and lighting and also my home computers ( all custom built by me). I currently have 2 kicker CompVR 12" subs in ported boxes in my trunk. I know my car has a 120 amp alternator and my system is rated at a max of 70 amps (based on fuses). Im planning on running my computer in my trunk in my spare wheel well mounted on rubber vibration mounts.
    My thinking so far is to run my Vector 300 watt 700 watt peak inverter off of my 0 guage amp kit that my subs also run off of.
    Im not planning on using the computer as the sole source of audio in my car but as an aux input for my pioneer headunit. That way i can play dvds and songs threw the stereo while still being able to use my headunit for regular radio and short trips.
    My setup so far is a Asus a7v333 motherboard
    AMD 1400+ proccessor. Both were from a friend that donated them to me.
    I already have a single stick pc-2100 512mb.
    And a 250gb 3.5 inch Western Digital HardDrive.

    I wanted to get your opinions before I order a 7" touch screen monitor, slim usb DVD Burner Drive and a 250 watt computer power supply.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this setup or anything I have forgotten.

    BTW: Im planning on having the computer turned on via switch to a heavy duty relay.

    Thank You JCarere.

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    Doesn't anyone have any experience with subwoofers and car computers.?!?!?

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    Yes we do, those are very good questions but too general.

    Search about inverters, lilliput, Xenarc, sub etc.

    Also check out DC-DC power supplies, add up your total watts on a watt calculator. Also look at how many amps you will be running in total.

    You will need some sort of auto shut down controller

    LCD Screens search that too
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