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Thread: Prius MP3 Player?

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    Question Prius MP3 Player?

    I've just ordered a Prius 2006. I've been told it should be the same as the 2004 and 2005. Is there any way to install an mp3 player on that car? It's so much different looking than most cars so all the aftermarket cd/mp3 players wouldn't fit.... What options do I have to listen to mp3s in my new car? Can't stand the idea of having to swap a cd every 20 songs!

    haha! these are great!

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    You can put an aftermarket headunit in a Prius. Its just more complicated. You might want to go to and ask around on the prius forum for the details. They can tell you exactly what you can and can't do.

    Its also a good site for you anyway if you are getting a hybrid.

    My understanding is that the prius isn't too different, so most things you can do to a regular car you can do to it.

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