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Thread: Another Place My LCD thread

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    Another Place My LCD thread

    Okay, I have a 7" Lilliput but I don't want to remove my radio/guages and under the radio are the HVAC controls. My creative juices aren't flowin. Any ideas?

    A Tib w/o guage/radio upgrade, just higher rez and bigger:

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    Could you relocate the radio and the object below it, put it in the dash or something, for easy access, and mount a lilliput on a 90 turn there? Or maybe even two right above the other :-P

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    Relocate the gauges where the hazard lights are, and those buttons relocate them somewhere on the center console by extendind the wires...

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    Who needs airbags?

    I didn't want to rip my dash apart, so I built a swing-arm mount-ish type thing. It allowed me to mount the display over the hvac controls, without moving the controls... Not the most finished look, but it was easy and it works quite well. Plus, offers for movement of display to avoid glare.
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    Yeah, i'd tear it up onl I have a great warranty from the dealer/manufactuer so I dont want to void it at all. Guess i'll stick it in front of the shifter for now and the pcs in the glove.

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    i dont think you will void it.... in the US you dont void the warranty of the car if you install an aftemarket product that is "compatible" or something like tha... meanin you might lose the radio warranty, but they cant refuse to warramnty your car cause you installed an aftermarket alarm, radio, neon, or even carpc

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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