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Thread: High Quality easy-to-install buttons

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    High Quality easy-to-install buttons

    Hey everyone. I'm about to redo the carputer. Unfortunaly I don't have a screen. I'm going with an alphanumeric screen in the dash. Here's the problem: Input. I have a hacked keyboard here (just the Circuit) waiting for some buttons. I'd love to put some buttons on my door, wher ethe elctric windows are. There's plenty of room on that panel, cause I dun got electric locks with a switch there. So, they'd be an awesome place. I'm also planning on throwing some around the display, but that's not my biggest concern. they can be cheapy radioshack buttons.

    But the ones on my armrest need to be good. I like the microswitchs, like what a regular radio has, but I can't see any obvius way of attaching them to a peice of plastic. Can they just be superglued? Will they give good feedback still? And of course- what to use as tops.

    So does anyone know of some good high-quality buttons to use for this app? A low-profile is what I'm really looking for, as well as good feedback. Ease of mounting is a huge problem too. Thanks alot!

    Forgot to mention: SPST momentary!

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    ack.. i don't think they're momentary but they might give you some ideas...

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    Those buttons are perfect - BUT $20 A POP! jeez!

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