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Thread: Sega Genesis in a car?

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    Sega Genesis in a car?

    has it ever been done? im thinking about doing it..... i know its incredibly simple. but you always seem to see only high tech in cars. i wanna see some retro!

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    you can start by posting in right forum.

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    oh crud... thanks... i didnt even realize

    yeah can a mod move this or something?

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    Well I Have an old mega drive rattling around (which is the same as the Gensis I believe) but have not considered putting it in, mainly because it would probably be easier to run an emulator.

    Although I will have a PS2 eventually.

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    BUT WHY? lol

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    i've done this myself and did bring my 2 hobbys into one

    this hobby and creating handheld snes and ps1 etc i mean handheld games using a LCD and game system shuch as the genesis with a battery and a nice case so you have a good handheld.

    Do you know of the Radica genesis 6 in 1 game system in target etc?

    Well this is a genesis on a chip you can solder a cart connector and actually play genesis games when you plug them in.

    This keeps it small and only the size of a cartridge

    check out its the guy who makes these handheld systems he will have the pinout on how to solder a cart connector on the genesis on a chip

    There is an example of it aswell if anyone wants to see the cool handhelds he makes its one of my other hobbies so i do this aswell

    If you need anyhelp you can ask me about this but you can do what i've done and just use emulators mine are intergrated into the frontends perfectly so you don't have to worry about it not suiting the carpc
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    just use an emulator

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    why? why not. the genesis is my all time favorite system.

    i see people putting ps2s and xboxes and stuff in their cars (no gamecubes so far, thank god) and i wanted to do something different. and yes multiple people have told me just to use an emulator. but whats the fun in that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    An 8 year old boy soon gets bored on journeys.

    Tell us the true..... is for you and only you!!

    BTW I got a slim PS2 in my truck. (of course is for me)
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