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Thread: Post your s3 standby power consumption

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    Post your s3 standby power consumption

    I don't see very many folks actually measuring their standby power consumption with a meter, but if you do/have, this is the place to let everybody (me) know. I've been wondering lately what the average is. If you do post, be sure to give the current draw in amps with the computer in S3 STANDBY MODE. That's the one where the fans go off and the computer looks just like it's off. Also post your general setup as applicable to 5vsb draw, and whether you measured before or after your power supply.

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    Yea I'm wondering the same thing

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    me too
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    From my other post...

    Setup is microatx msi mobo, 512mb ram, athlon mobile 2500 clocked at 1700mhz, opus 150, all usb devices run off of pci usb card which cuts +5vsb.

    Ok, I ended up plugging everything into the PCI usb card. It seems that when the computer goes into standby, all the devices shut off. I put a mulitmeter in line with the ground wire feeding the opus and cycled power. I turned the computer on, sent the computer into standby, and while in standby it was only drawing 1.5mA. While still plugged in, I turned the computer back on and it resumed from standby in <3 secs.
    I plan to retest the overall current draw at the battery using a clamping style meter so I do not have to disconnect anything, but figured testing the 12v or gnd line feeding the opus would give me a good idea of how much more I was drawing than my stock setup without the computer.

    We will see if the 1.5ma is true or not.. I would also like to see others for comparison.

    I should note that I have been running it this way for a few weeks now, and no dead batteries. I have only left it sitting overnight, one instance maybe 16 hours. It started up just fine. This is with an optima red top btw.

    Hope this helps.

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    Well I finally confirmed mine the other day. Until then I hadn't been sure just how much of the current draw was due to regulator losses, but now I know that amount to be insignificant. My setup draws .5 amps. Ouch!

    It's pretty much all due to the mobo. It's an NF7-S2G. (Shush. It was free and it's what I had lying around.) I don't think it got any lower than .42 amps even with nothing at all connected to the mobo but the power connector. This is my first real con with running "desktop" mobos in cars. I do hope I find a way around it. :-( My el cheepo battery lasts about 18 hours in s3 before I have to roll-start, so it's ok most of the time. I just have to kill the power to the 5v regulator at night if I plan on sleeping in on the following day.

    EDIT: In case anyone takes interest in my battery run time up there, I should add that I also currently have a speaker amp hooked up without a switch that draws .25 amps continuously, so the total draw on the battery during those 18 hours winds up somewhere around .80 amps.

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