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Thread: Need ideas for hiding Xenarc when I park my car.

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    Need ideas for hiding Xenarc when I park my car.

    I wanted to see if anyone came up with any creative ideas on hiding my Xenarc when I parked my car. It is mounted with a proclip and not integrated into the dash. I do plan on integrating it, but it is just too much work now.

    It is also a pain to remove it, although for extended absence from the car I will remove the xenarc and put it into the glove compartment. I was looking more for a way to hide it during quick absences like going into a convenience store, etc.

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    First, are you using a move clip kit with your proclip? Thta does not solve all the problems (you still have to unplug the cables) but at least it prevent you to have to unscrew the support from the Xenarc.


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    heres an idea for ya.

    get a notebook or organizer at staples thats about the same size and opens horizontally. rip off the cover, and put a few pieces of adhesive-backed velcro on it and the monitro so you can attach it over.

    for more effect, attach a pen to it. or buy one thats a little bigger than the monitor, and glue paper edges to the ends of it (to fit around the sides of the monitor), so when looking at it, it looks like a notebook from all angles.

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    put a glowing pink sign on it that says this is not a tv screen

    next - wifi

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    Get a box with a lock and bolt it to you trunk. Remove screen and insert in box, lock box. Screen safe.

    Next question...

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