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Thread: HP e-PC's aren't good carputers

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    HP e-PC's aren't good carputers

    Hey everyone. After I fried the mobo/hd of my old carputer, I saved up a few bucks and bought some newer stuff. One of the things I bought was an Hp e-PC from a member here. Great price, and it was a good deal. However, just as a warning, these don't make the best carputers.

    Let me list the Pro's and Con's:

    • DC input, for high-efficiency
    • Small Form Factor
    • Hard drive is mounted on rubber feet
    • Has a slot for a slimline cd-rom

    • Uber-long post times
    • No expanability
    • Standby issues (read below)

    My e-PC is an older e-Vectra. It takes 19v at 3.16 amps. Nice if you can make/buy a dc-dc adapter for it. My biggest concern is startup. It takes appro. 10 seconds before the machine even posts! Even then it's another 5-10 seconds. Half a minute to wait isn't too good for a carputer.

    The second thing I noticed today: The standby/shutdown. When the machine is shut down completely, all the USB devices still have power. I have my wireless mouse plugged in right now, and accidentally bumped it. Sent the dongle into a nice blinking fit. Could be an issue if you don't cut power completely.

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    what BIOS does it run? can you modify it? have you checked for BIOS updates from HP?

    was curious about these myself actually, thanks..

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    E-PCs (before or after the HP acquisition) are crap in or out of the car.
    Cheap computers mean cheap components.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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