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Thread: Carputer kept rebooting, then kaput!

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    Carputer kept rebooting, then kaput!

    Epia MII with a xenarc screen and a Opus 150W. Finally got my carputer working perfectly today, went for a ride to enjoy it. After about an hour the PC rebooted a couple of times, then just stayed dead. I pulled it out of the car and brought it inside and plugged it in the wall.

    Now it turns on for a half a second, then shuts off with no beeps. Once in a while I can get it to stay on, but it seems like it barely has power, the fans seem like they want to turn but dont have enough power. Keep in mind this is inside on the wall plug, NOT on the Opus.

    I am assuming I fried the mobo, but when it crapped out I felt the case and the Opus and both were cool to the touch, so not sure what I burned out.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    take the ram out and see if it will POST
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