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Thread: Wiring M1 Power Supply

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    Wiring M1 Power Supply

    My touch screen is going to be wired into the m1 molex connecter for power. For my M1 power supply I was wondering if it would be ok to wire the positive, ground, remote into the wiring where my headunit was? Or should I just run new wires from the battery, ground, and find an ignition wire? If so what gauge wire should I use and should I use a fuse and which fuse? Thanks

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    well the M1 has a 10amp, so you will need that amount... check the fuse box to see that you have at least a 10amp on the original head unit wiring... I think my car had a 15amp in the box... so that is enough...

    as for wiring size you'll need a minimum of 20gauge and this is only for a short run - go bigger for longer distances, but that is if you only plan to run the powersupply/cpu... if you intend to add lights, powered USB hub, etc... you'll need to jump up... 18gauge will limit ya to 16amps, 16gauge will limit ya to 22amps - these are rules of thumb from the Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas
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    I have a roll of 18 gauge speaker wire from radio shack that I bought a while ago. Will this be ok to use? So I would put a 16 amp fuse between this.

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