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Thread: ipod(like) frontend

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    ipod(like) frontend

    Has anyone else thought of or seen a frontend similar to that which is seen on an ipod? The interface is clean, easy to manouver, and made for smaller screens. Also, something similar to the ipod wheel would be a pretty slick idea also. No buttons to look at and could probably be achieved with a touchpad type mouse. Any coders out there willing to give this a shot? I'd do it, but I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag, I would definately help troubleshoot though.

    If this would be better off in another forum please let me know.


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    you mean something like this ?

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    Something like looks pretty decent. Is that a photoshopped image or an actual screenshot of a program in action? If it is a program in action, is it possible to use a touchpad type mouse instead of a touchscreen with it? Also, WHAT exactly is it. I see a link to FreeDrive on your signature but I've looked at the initial screenshots there and I dont see the image you posted here.


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