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Thread: how to setup car system

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    how to setup car system

    I just bought the macvision GPS system which plays mp3s. I want to use this to play MP3s in my car, but dont know what i need to set this up. Its a pontiac sunfire and i dont want to remove or buy a new car deck.
    I think what i need is an amp that can connect to my existing speakers and a sufwoofer + it should have rca in, to connect the macvision.
    car deck to amp
    macvision (rca) to amp --- existing speakers + subwoofer

    So that i can use my existing system and when i want to listen to mp3s i can just turn on the macvision and play it.
    Is this possible, does anyone know of an amp that can do this.
    Thank you for any help

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    I use a iRiver FM transmitter with my current MP3 player, it sounds excellent.
    Circuit City (Radio Shack) sell it for 49.99 CAD$

    How do you find the unit (MacVision) ???
    I would like to know before spending 400 $



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