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Thread: MP3 player with big buttons for small screen?

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    MP3 player with big buttons for small screen?

    Hi. I have recently built a Car PC with a low power epia M10000 mobo, 512MB Ram, 160GB HDD and its running on windows XP very nicely! The thing is, iTunes is way too detailed to be able to use without crashing the car, Windows Media player has a similar problem and I can't find a winamp skin with big enough buttons to use.
    I have used Centrafuse in the past but found it to be unstable. Is there a good MP3 player that I can install that has a nice and simple interface with big buttons that is easy to navigate through 2400 tracks? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has a Lilliput 7" touch screen.

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    Everybody know what I'm going to say :



    Easy to setup.

    You can make you own skin with big buttons.

    Also it is really stable.

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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    or RoadRunner, or Centrafuse........etc
    PC Chips 1500,512mb ddr,no case yet, LinITX 7" touchscreen,300w inverter,RoadRunner FreeDrive,BU303 gps mouse.

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    There's a list somewhere.....

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