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Thread: I need some help with a school project

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    I need some help with a school project

    Hey there, everybody. I've desided to write a 10 to 15 page long paper about the ITX form factor and installing a carputer. I've got a copy of Car PC Hacks in the mail (should be showing up tomarrow), but what I really need is a list of other sources (like websites, in addition to MP3CAR...which has an awsome forum and store, but that's about it really).

    If anyone can help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it.

    I had to submit a one page introduction to this project last week and it went like this:

    Not since the birth of the cellular phone has there been such a new revolution in personal communications. The ability to contact a person wherever either party is located was quite a revolution. As popularity of this product increased, so did the integrated features built into the phone, making it an exponentially more successful product with each new generation. Accessory peripherals, such as head set microphones and built in MP3 playback, allows the user of the phone to chat or listen to music while doing something that requires both hands, particularly driving a car.

    Multimedia entertainment has been catering to this new market of consumers who are becoming increasingly larger as a group which is complimented by an ever increasing variety of products. Some of the niche fringes of this mobile entertainment are targeted at high dollar spending, and these line of items include things like In-Dash DVD players or GPS trackers. But as far as main stream, name brand products are concerned, this is where the limits have hit the sky.

    So what more could a user potentially want out of their new mobile entertainment center? Well, how about Internet access? Instant Messaging? Enhanced GPS tracking? The ability to play video games (the passengers, of course)? Mobile wireless networking? Perhaps even on-line car engine monitoring and tuning? These make up a small list of many dozens if not hundreds of marketable desires that could easily be profited off of as a commodity.

    Now imagine all of those product features bundled together into one device. What would something like this be worth? The answer: Lots of money. The starting price of an in-dash GPS tracking unit alone is around $600 or $700…and to be quite honest, they look like they’re graphics engine were designed around an Atari 2600. Not to mention that GPS tracking is the only thing they’re able to do. So, what device (if not commercially being produced right now) could encompass all of these features? A Personal Computer that is small enough to fit under a car seat or in the trunk and rugged enough to handle the climate and temperature extremes that are found inside of all cars from season to season.

    My paper will be going into a very detailed overview of many more of the possibilities that are possible using the new ITX form factor PCs in autos. It will also cover topics such as installation, wiring, maintenance and multiple cost options. The reader will then be armed with the basic knowledge needed to install and full system in their vehicle with ease, as well as have a better understanding of which options are the most cost effective.

    Buying the top of the line ITX PC is the easiest way to tackle the PC building process. But there is a slightly cheaper method, which entails building a custom PC and using 3rd party electronics for voltage regulation. The paper will also address problems that give you different options, such as whether or not you want to use a series of amplifiers to power your speakers, or (instead) hack the connections on the back of an already installed head unit and utilize it’s compactness.
    Method of my presentation:

    The presentation will be assembled in PowerPoint and presented via the projector in the class room. It will contain photos and/or illustrations of the installation process, as well as provide bullet pointed summaries of each section.

    Anticipated date of completion is October the 15th.

    Sources for this topic will primarily be found on the website (specifically, the user forums), as well as a book written by Damian Stolarz titled Car PC Hacks. According to the author, a majority of the information he collected and placed in the book came from the users of In other words, the number of sources will be fairly limited for this particular project; however, they will also be very comprehensive.

    So, as you can see...I've got my work cut out for me.

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    Didn't uncle Bill talk about Windows in a car a while ago (Window mobile)?
    How about Clarion Car PC?
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    I'll look into those....

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