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Thread: Car PC hacks vs. Geek my Ride

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    I think what is nice about getting the books is the newbie such as me in this hobby, gets the info at the starting point instead of getting a frontend and not having the mother board yet sort of thing, (if that makes sense) I did order geek my ride and intend to order car pc hacks. My luck with searching comes back with with everything except what I was looking for so I am not into searching but I try still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnomad
    For starters, I'm not terribly fond of any of the books in the O'Reilly "Hacks" series. These books are in many cases nothing more than a collection of what you'll find using google and the web. The only advantage is that they are all in one place and you can read them off-line...
    A little OT, but I thought Linux Server Hacks is a great, great purchase. Yes, much if not all of the info is available on the web, but often quite fragmented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titanse05
    ...but it seems that some are a little too annoyed with noobs. You got to understand that time is at a premium for me now and can't sit in front of the computer forever when someone could simply help a person out and share there knowledge
    And you're time is more valuable than ours?

    No one's going to hold your hand and tell you how to build your project. This is a forum- you make it sound like a support line for a product that's been purchased. Most of us started from a similar spot that you're in. And so, you will make your own decisions on the components you purchase and how you choose to put them together.

    I'd say the main reason people get annoyed with noobs is for thread-crapping. Changing the topic and discussing things that have been covered time and time again merely water-down the board and make things more difficult to find.

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    A new book coming out soon is called " Build your own car pc" By Gavin D J Harper. I just pre ordered it from amazon along with car pc hack. This is not an endorsement or anything as I do not know who the person is but just to let you know if you do not already. It is not in stock yet but suppose to be like Jan 22nd or so according to the email they sent me

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