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Thread: mobiBLU DAPs at's smallest MP3 player.

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    mobiBLU DAPs at's smallest MP3 player.

    World's smallest MP3 player

    World’s Smallest MP3 Player mobiBLU Cube

    "At only 1 inch in size, the mobiBLU Cube is the world's smallest, full-featured digital audio player. The brilliant OLED display lets you easily see track names, settings and battery status and features a multi-function headphone jack for USB 2.0 connectivity. Plays 10 hours (1 GB) of crystal-clear music on a full charge."

    #72 cents more than iPod shuffle gets you a tiny player with OLED screen + FM radio.

    Nice price(s)
    1GB $129.72
    512MB $99.72

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    Not going to be nice about it, you suck.
    Goodbye iPod Mini

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    Hard to ind in the U.S. before.. especially in retail stores (not online). Wal Mart carrying it is pretty sweet news.

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    i think every thread is now a whoreing thread

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