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Thread: F-Body Ideas - Camaro and Firebird

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1999tamaster View Post
    Thanks man those look sick. Im taking it thats a liliput?

    Well since your in here a few questions.
    1. What do you think about good deals 18 10.4'' screens if you are familar with them.
    2. What is the best looking OBDII software and will just any OBDII to usb work?
    He bought a raw LCD from ebay, I believe it was a Sharp LQ10S21. He then bought a raw touch screen kit with a USB connector to lay over it.

    I personally tried a Lilliput (I can't remember the model), but it's verticle viewing angle was not good when mounted in the car. I think that's the main thing you have to find. That and a newer 10.4 that has a thin frame around the screen once you take it out of it's housing.

    I'm not involved in car pc's anymore, so I can't help you much.
    1999 Black Pontiac Trans Am
    CarPC's in F-bodies
    How To Relocate Climate Controls on the 97-02 F-body Cars
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    Car PC system is out, Alpine system is in.

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    Yay F-Bodys!!!

    I have a 2001 Camaro SS, with a car computer, but... I have a friend who is selling a Pioneer DEX-P99RS and I really cant pass up the deal. So that means that the Camaro's carputer is gonna get the boot. But that is good news for someone out there...

    I am going to sell the complete car computer for a Camaro. I have TONS of pictures so anyone who is inserted please ask! Current the screen/bezel is in the classifieds adds here The current system is located in the rear hatch where the spare tire goes. Current features are as follows:
    -Iguidance 3.0
    -Pioneer DVD drive
    -HD radio with cable
    -XM radio
    -OCZ Sold State Drive
    -Foxconn 45CSX (Intel atom solid state)
    -Sound Blaster Xtreme Music sound card

    There are NO moving parts in the stereo, there is a fan that is mounted above the heat sinks for cooling. It really is a great system, if it is going to go in an F-body there really will be no work. I have a VGA/USB cable that I will include to run from the dash to the hatch for the video and devices. I currently use a USB hub for the GPS receiver, DVD deck, and Touch screen.

    If anyone is interested please let me know, I'll be happy to give any details or answer any questions.

    Thanks for your interest!!! I will post up some more up to date pictures in the morning!

    This will give you an idea of where it is all mounted. That is a picture of CarPC V1
    2001 Camaro SS #2070

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