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Thread: Carputer blue screens, need help from those in the know

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    Carputer blue screens, need help from those in the know

    Ok so heres my issue.

    Computer A
    Athlon XP 1800+
    ESC Socket A mobo
    256MB DDR
    350watt generic power supply
    250 watt peak, 140 watt cont. inverter
    Geforce4 MX video
    Quantum 20gig HD (IDE)
    One Box CPU fan, one 120mm case fan

    Computer B
    Sempron 2600+
    ECS Socket 754 mobo
    256MB DDR
    350watt generic power supply (different than the one above)
    same inverter as above
    WD 20gig HD (IDE)
    Thermaltake CPU fan, no case fans

    The issue I am having is blue screens on computer A. Computer works fine, starts up perfect every time, runs for HOURS without a problem. Computer starts up ~90% of the time when first used (very cold weather here in Michigan). Once it's started up, works fine for about an hour, then proceeds to blue screen. Once it does this, it starts acting up no matter what I do until it sits again for a good hour or 2. I've checked all the temps throughout the procedure and neither computer is getting too hot. In fact, they both run cooler in my car than in the house. I also took Computer A out of the car, ran it in the house for 2 days straight playing winamp for exact replication of car usage and it was perfectly fine. But alas, as soon as I put it in the car it acts up again. I think this may be due to an inadequate power inverter. I ordered a 350 watt cont, 700 watt peak inverter so once that gets here it will be installed. The thing I don't understand is why Computer A would use MORE power than Computer B. I looked up all the cpu and mobo power consumption rates and Computer B uses ~20 more watts for the CPU alone. Not to mention adding a case fan puts it up even more. I am at a loss and just need some help. I know my problem lies in one of 2 things... the power inverter (which will soon be upgraded) or the actual Computer A power supply. It is rather old and could be not regulating the inverters supply correctly, hence the blue screens. I will be replacing the computer power supply tonight and see if that makes any difference. In the mean time any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I made a typo above.

    Computer A actually has the Thermaltake CPU fan and no case fans

    Computer B has the AMD box cpu fan and one 120mm case fan

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    Could also be the HD, RAM, or a bad install of windows.

    Good luck!



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    Need to know what the bluescreen says, specifically the part where it has 0x0000000 (etc)

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