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Thread: Pandora (streaming music) + Kyocera KR1 (EVDO router) test

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    Quote Originally Posted by amrit50 View Post
    Does anyone know why pandora won't play music when I'm using my phone as a modem (evdo) but it works fine with my DSL? Speed?
    Could your phone service be blocking pandora? Last I tried, it worked fine over a 128K connection, how fast is your EVDO connection?

    Also, what phone? Some AT&T and Sprint phones can get Pandora if you pay the $2 per month for the subscription to Pandora. It won't integrate most likely with your frontend, but you'd have Pandora everywhere.

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    My phone gets about 150-200kbps. I installed this "web accellerator" and now it seems to be working...quite odd. I have an Alltel V3m razr. the evdo is slow like dial up, do you guys think the data cards are faster? I was reading about EVDo some...there seems to be a REVA and REV0 that verizon and sprint use, but Alltel does not mention this. Does anyone know?

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    Mmmm I love this setup, have something similar right. This and shoutcast. I'll have to check out Pandora though.

    Thanks for the review

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