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Thread: New Zealand

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    Hey there........ good to see another Kiwi member

    Re Navigation, I've been using Garmin Mobile PC for a while now and find it really great. You can download free maps so you don't need to spend $ 150 USD purchasing the Garmin ones (I can supply you with some already in Garmin format you can just copy into the Garmin directory if you need)

    You just need to purchase Garmin Mobile PC from Garmin's website or where ever you can get it (about $50 USD I think) and you're good to go.

    You can use it with Garmin GPS receivers or use generic serial or bluetooth ones also.

    I purchase most of my stuff from these guys.......

    Awesome service and pricing is great. As long as you don't buy heaps of stuff together then you shouldn't get hit for GST on the way in. It only takes a few days to get here.

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    Hey s00pa,
    I brought my power supply from jaycar i think it was 205W and has been awesome, powers all of my equipment fine.

    For Navigation i am using garmin mobile pc wih free maps i got from a NZ site works perfectly.

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